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Hart’s innovative data interoperability platform integrates multiple sources and data types into a seamless, unified healthcare resource

Successful Healthcare Deployments

When Hart Can Help?

Have you expanded your health network and want to integrate all your systems into one?

Do you use outdated EHR systems for record keeping?

Are you transferring to a new EHR vendor and need to transfer the data?

The Hart platform – the universal hub for healthcare data

Eliminate Unnecessary Fees

Hart saves you significant amounts of time and money by reducing the costs involved in maintaining old EHR systems, lowering licensing fees for deprecated EHRs, and streamlining staff access to patient records.

Gain Real-Time Access to Reliable Data

Compatible with over 400 EHR vendors, Hart’s unique automated capability allows the migration of any type of data source to a new destination, so providers can always access the latest patient information.

Store All Your Data in One Location

Whether you need archived or current patient data, Hart stores all the information you require in one place, giving healthcare professionals seamless access to the data they need when they need it.

A Proven Healthcare
Data Solution

Much more than just an innovative idea, Hart's innovative platform was successfully developed and tested with a 3-region, 15-hospital, $5 billion health system.

Beyond this, it was validated across:


unique EHRs





Comprehensive Data
Transformation Solutions

Data Transformation & Migration

The Hart platform assimilates and aggregates both structured and unstructured data from multiple systems and EHR vendors before standardizing it into a normalized Hart format that allows flawless real-time access.

Continuous Sync

The platform’s automated data extraction, transformation, and loading capabilities provide ongoing data migration, resulting in continually updated patient information.

Secure Long-Term Archival

Consolidate your outdated electronic healthcare record systems into a single archive hosted by Hart. Our archive provides easy search and access facilities that allow the provision of continual patient care.

Workflow Automation


Our proprietary technology allows the conversion of discrete and non-discrete document-related data into different formats ready for EHR viewing, clinical data extraction, or document annotation. The solution enables this data to be transferred bi-directionally within EHRs, the Hart platform, or the Universal Viewer.

Robotic Workflow Automation

Streamline your workflow with our healthcare robotic process automation (RPA). Our extensive experience in the field has resulted in a platform that can perform any repetitive task in your healthcare system automatically.

Professional Services


An initial in-depth analysis of a customer’s data transformation needs, as well as their systems, vendors, and deployment models


The delivery of data transformation, migration, and archival services


Ongoing delivery of support and contracted services


Custom enhancements and modifications that tailor the platform precisely to your needs

Security & Data Integrity

Most systems today are plagued with the inability to track where a consumer's data goes, or who has it – creating both security and data liquidity concerns. Our company's robust system allows us to credibly, and reliably, manage authenticity of both users and data.

To ensure maximum security, all Hart data is always encrypted at motion and at rest, and secured at our own data servers and with our own hardware and software. We also have a layered security approach that includes firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and data loss prevention measures.

In addition, we have a comprehensive security incident response plan in place to quickly and effectively respond to any security threats. We are committed to protecting our customers' data, and our SOC 2 compliance demonstrates our commitment to security.

The Hart Platform: as Fully Automated as Possible


Faster data transformations compared to typical EHR data transformations


Archived EHR data sources on average per client


Average savings per customer per year for archived legacy EHR

What Our Clients
Have to Say

“Their engineering team was able to find a solution to meet all our requests”

“We were looking for an EHR data archive system for our organizations. Over the years, we had acquired several different systems and wanted to consolidate the data, while at the same time, save costs by not continuing to pay license fees and support aging hardware in our data center for these legacy systems.

After some due diligence, we decided to go with Hart as they had met all our business requirements and Hart more than delivered. Their engineering team was very knowledgeable and they were able to find a solution to meet all our requests. As our business needs changed, Hart was able to partner with us to for other data projects as well.”

Senior Chief Architect

Large Health System in Mountain Region

“Hart was proactive and quick to establish and maintain connections to our multiple systems”

“Our experience with Hart has been very positive. In our case Hart serves as a third party between our organization and Cerner Oracleto extract data from multiple platforms and delivery it to Cerner HealtheIntent.

The team at Hart was proactive and quick to establish and maintain connections to our multiple systems. In the event of data discrepancies, the Hart team diligently works with our engineers and the Cerner engineers to quickly research, develop a resolution plan and back fill any necessary data. We greatly appreciate the spirit of partnership with the Hart organization.”

Regulatory Manager Information Technology

Large Health System in the Southeast

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